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In December of 1951 my grandparents, Bob and Jenny, ages 19 and 15-½ at the time, drove from Kentucky to Tennessee to get married.

When they returned to rural Manchester, Ky., there was no family meltdown, no trip to the police station.

Other concessions exist if the older person is not more than 20 or believed the younger person to be at least 16.

The Swiss initiative comes as the UK government announces an overhaul of its teenage pregnancy strategy after new figures showed conception rate among 18s were not falling fast enough.

The mould has been broken and it now needs to be looked at with some urgency.” His call will get support at Labour’s annual conference, which opens in Manchester tomorrow.

Ed Miliband announced a year ago that Labour was in favour of lowering the voting age.

In recent decades, our culture has been extending that bridge without thinking things through and now it often seems as if it leads nowhere.

Parents and the government are dangerously elongating years of adolescence because they feel their kids need to be "safe."The adage of “kids these days” not being hard-working or responsible as their parents or grandparents were is a common refrain. But it’s true that Millennials and those younger are staying “children” longer, and it’s not exactly their fault.The UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.In 1999, the government pledged to halve the teenage conception rate within 10 years.So are the Liberal Democrats, which included votes for 16-year-olds in their 2010 manifesto, but the Conservative Party has historically been opposed.Another woman came forward on Wednesday to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, saying he groped her in 1991 after she met with him in his law office to discuss custody of her children.They do not have a very developed sexual knowledge.

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