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In 2017 alone, ad fraud was estimated to cost over billion USD.

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Many others have been founded since the early 1980s, with at least 29 banks either being created or entering the market for the first time since 1980.

The newer entrants include specialist local banks such as Tekstilbank and Finansbank created by Turkish entrepreneur Hüsnü Özyeğin.

To achieve these goals, Adbank is the first to have patent pending anti-fraud AI technology based on the blockchain.

Ad fraud is dramatically reduced – Through the patent pending anti-fraud AI technology, publishers can be better protected against fraud.

They aim to reduce instances of ad fraud by using the properties of a blockchain to create a more secure ad platform that’s better for both advertisers and publishers.

They also are working to eliminate the middle man by promoting a transparent ecosystem.

The system also uses artificial intelligence to offer unparalleled insight and assist in fraud prevention.

Adbank is an advertising ecosystem built upon ethereum (ETH), through the creation of the Adbank token ADB.

Now, however, innovative new technology is leading the path to a new model of banking in Eastern Europe’s largest market.

Just as Turkey’s heartland in Asia Minor has proved a melting pot of many ancient and medieval civilisations over the centuries, so too the country’s modern banking infrastructure blends foreign and local influences.

A transparent platform – A fully auditable, open source network built on Ethereum means users always know they’re getting what they pay for.


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