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Using the Joda-Time 3rd-party open-source free-of-cost library, you can get the current date-time in just one line of code.

Joda-Time inspired the new * classes in Java 8, but has a different architecture. Joda-Time continues to work in Java 8 and continues to be actively maintained (as of 2014).

That format outputs zero, three, six or nine digits digits (milliseconds, microseconds, or nanoseconds) as necessary to represent the fraction-of-second.

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itself doesn't have a time zone at all - it's just an instant in time, which could be regarded in multiple time zones.

But when you create an instance, it doesn't depend on your time [email protected]: Actually it didn't happen when it was midnight in Greenwich, because the UK was on UTC 1 at the time. But I take your point - it's better to say "new Date()Time() returns the milliseconds since the Unix epoch, which was midnight at the start of January 1st 1970, UTC". Check out the various packages they have.

Which local time do you want, and to what precision.

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As it's a number of milliseconds since a fixed epoch, the value within is the same around the world at any particular instant, regardless of local time zone.

I suspect the problem is that you're displaying it via an instance of Calendar which uses the local timezone, or possibly using instance, which, by default, also uses local timezone.

So the UTC is part of pinning down the epoch to a particular instant in time, not part of the result.


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