Cassie and diddy dating

According to website TMZ the police were called after the pair got into a heated argument on Wednesday (17Aug16) afternoon.Sources close to the couple told the news outlet that Diddy grabbed the Me&U singer’s phone and jumped out of their car in Beverly Hills before Cassie left with the driver.

TMZ reports that after Diddy's longtime girlfriend made him aware that she wanted to part ways, he became suspicious and seized her phone.

Following the argument, Cassie then took off with the driver but told her mom about the scene that had just went down.

If you were under a rock over the weekend then you missed out on news that the cops were called to Cassie's home after the singer allegedly got into a fight with Diddy.

The police responded to a call placed by the singer's mother after Cassie was said to have told the Bad Boy mogul that she wanted to call things off.

Diddy allegedly grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it before getting out of the car with the phone, and Cassie took off with the driver.

Things only got crazier from there after Diddy headed home a short time later and returned Cassie's phone to her before leaving again.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that Diddy sends a romantic message to his longtime boo Cassie on social media.

However, the rap mogul’s photo on Instagram has stirred up a heated debate on Twitter.

Cassie then explained the situation to the police and filed a domestic incident report.

However, even with the drama that erupted, the couple is said to still have not officially broken up.

Reports first swirled that the couple’s relationship was in trouble after Diddy was seen out with Kim Porter, the mother of four of his children.


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