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In general, avoid pick-up lines, jokes, and sarcasm. Avoid saying calling a girl “funny”, as it carries a negative connotation in Chinese. When she asks how many girlfriends you have had, lie about the total number.

Chinese girls aren’t used to using or hearing that kind of language and usually won’t understand it. If she makes you laugh, then just use tip 5 and say she is “cute”. Usually, Chinese women don’t look for a date, they look for a husband.

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Picking up Chinese girls requires a different approach than picking up western women.

Chinese women are much less straight forward and they are less sensible to certain pick-up lines.

In fact, using the same language you use with western women might even set you back completely and totally ruining your change of getting a date.

On this article we will look at some top 10 ways of getting to a Chinese girl.

Hopefully, if you play the cards right you will not walk away empty handed. Pick something very narrow to focus on and use it to transition into a broader compliment.

Don’t just say that the girl looks beautiful, but rather look for something specific and compliment that.Here is a list of the 10 best Chinese dating websites for foreigners.Check the following Chinese dating site reviews and find a dating site that suits you best.Ever since his return to Germany, he continues to delve deep into the Chinese world by studying Chine language, researching about Chinese economy and analyzing changes in Chinese society.Lucas has been to more than 12 Chinese cities and is currently sharing a life with his Chinese girlfriend.Even what might seem like a small insignificant date to you, will be an opportunity for her to observe you and decide if you are a good potential long term partner.


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