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For Lois and Selina, that means exploring why each of them are drawn to Clark and Bruce in the first place.

But there isn't really a specific answer, and that's kind of the point -- the love between Selina and Bruce, the love between Lois and Clark, it transcends the differences between each partner.

Clark and Bruce have a similar conversation, but because they're Clark and Bruce and emotional conversations with people, let alone each other, are not their strongest points, it's masked in the veneer of the two competing at the batting cages, with a dash of manly bravado in the air.

(They both complain that, of course, they're too good for the "normal" settings of the cage, before turning it into a competition over whether Bruce could hit a pitch from Clark.) But they make similar points and silently come to a conclusion resembling that of their partners: Love doesn't care that Bruce fell for the sort of criminal he'd usually be battling on the streets of Gotham, and it doesn't care that the man with one of the greatest secrets in the world is smitten with one of its greatest investigative journalists.

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