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One thing is certain — the game of golf as we know it was born in Scotland". The highest concentrations are around Glasgow (94 courses) and Edinburgh (67 courses), since these two cities and their environs account for the bulk of the population.But the other districts still average about 40 courses each. Such largesse is possible because Scotland boasts more courses per head of population than any other country.

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The images filed with the patent suggest the AR-enabled glasses can not only track the ball but also provide suggestions for which club is best suited to specific shots.

Using data on the golf course, wearers could also better assess the layout of the terrain, writes Android Headlines.

Golf clubs must not exceed 122 centimetres long, while the head of a driver must not be bigger than 460 cubic centimetres.

Cobra Puma's vice-president of research and development, Tom Olsavsky, said: 'We definitely feel like we're in an arms race.

For example, the Old Course at St Andrews is a charitable trust and Musselburgh Links is public courses.

Council-owned courses, with low fees and easy access, are common throughout the country wherever demography and geography allow.It shows the risks that using each club would bring with it.It also shows a detailed green layout and how best to play the putt.The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, known as the R&A, is the world governing body for the game (except in the United States and Mexico).The Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association was founded in 1904 and the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) in 1920.Golf in Scotland was first recorded in the 15th century, and the modern game of golf was first developed and established in the country.

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