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You can reserve the exact date, select a movie and enjoy comfortable sofa while watching your chosen a movie privately.

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All you need is to collect fruits, wine, plaid, wait until it gets dark and climb onto one of the roofs of a building.

Enjoy views of the night city – just do not forget to be careful.

Men, take a note, you can easily arrange the dream-date.

Moving to the next location for the dates, we would like to mention private cinemas.

There are a few comfortable benches and the music coming out of Philharmonic Hall nearby will just add to the atmosphere. Simply pack your fruits, wine, table games and a blanket in a backpack and have a picnic in the botanical garden.

To continue your romantic dating, just visit the local showplace, Maiden Tower, located not far from the garden and admire the city from a height. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, get some fresh air, relax and enjoy the presence of each other.

Coming back to the cinemas, it is necessary to note open-air cinema in Baku, which has been opened recently and has already conquered hearts of the people. Add some fun time and joyful activity into your date even if it is a windy Azerbaijani winter.

Here, of course, you cannot select the movie by your own, but you can easily select time and movie, which suits you. Romantic environment, wonderful music and lantern lights will brighten up your romantic evening. Just visit one of the bars or pubs of Baku, where you can sit together and order your favorite drinks.

Image Source Located in the Saidul Ajaib locality near Saket, Garden of Five Senses is one of the best places for couples in Delhi.

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