Dating prehistoric pottery quotes about guys dating younger girls

The helpful website has pictures, discussions, and full bibliographic citations for pertinent literature.

Dick Brunelle has revealed the answer to the challenge he posed to readers almost two months ago, since no one logged in and submitted the answer.

Archaeologists rely heavily on stylistic and typological changes in artifacts to date archaeological occupations and features. Each excerpt below links to the full article (click on the article headline or the 'Click here to read' link!

In the process read about relative and absolute dating, calibration curves, and more!

This wandering Ponder began with explaining the notation “cal BP,” which you may encounter in archaeological reporting.

One artifact of note, identified […] This year the GARS Archaeology Month event was a public archaeology day at the Creekside Rock shelter located on the historic Elisha Winn property in Dacula, on May 3 and 4.

The site was first identified, recorded, and excavated by GARS in 2006.

Curators—the professionals who care for artifact collections in museums and other institutions that preserve artifacts—must be very careful to make sure that artifacts are preserved and not damaged while in their care.

Read about many potential agents of deterioration, degradation, and destruction in the full article.

It became the primary display in the small museum the group maintained for public education.

My friend Keith Hunt […] Since the summer, TRC has continued to work hard on pipeline (and other) projects across the Southeast.

Make a field trip to Athens and check out the Civil War-period double barreled cannon on the top of the highest hill downtown, on the northeast corner of the grounds of the old city hall.

Consider visiting the cannon on 22 October 2011, as well as attending the SGA’s Fall Meeting that day and the Society’s silent and live auctions in the evening.

This website, sponsored by the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Bureau of Land Management, provides detailed information about bottles made in the USA (and some from Canada) between about 1800 through the 1950s.


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