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Sony’s Play Station 4 is arguably the most popular console available at the moment, selling over 60 million units since its launch back in 2013. It’s recommended that you always associate an up-to-date email address with your Play Station Network login as it’s where you’ll receive emails about new games, Play Station Store receipts and the like. Do you need to create a new Play Station Network login? In fact, it’s a breeze to change the email associated with your PSN login on your PS4: It’s worth noting that if you’re changing a sub-account sign-in then the master account will need to authorise the change by entering their password. Take a look at the best upcoming games of 2017 and beyond.

Sony claims that if you were able to change your Online ID, your friends list and trophies list would be lost, and if that wasn’t enough the company also claims that the new ID may not be recognised by some game servers, meaning you may lose access to some games.

While many of the games available for the platform are single-player, those that want to play with friends online require a Play Station Network login. It’s a similar process to change your Play Station Network login password on your PS4, although it’ll only work if you already know your existing password.

But what happens when you want to change the email or password associated with your Play Station Network login? While the former is easy to do on your PS4, you may have a little difficulty when it comes to changing your Online ID. But what if you can’t remember your original password to access your account details on your PS4?

Internet predators could potentially identify your location by your screen name.

One of the most easy ways to create a screen name with the least amount of effort is to let your computer do it for you.

There are several screen name generators available that are easy and fun to use.

Here's our top picks:" roadblock and need creative inspiration?Not only will this new moniker become tied to your online identity, it will affect other people's perception of you, much like how your hair and clothes might during an in-person meeting.Your handle might even affect the results of your job search or dating profile if it refers to something racy or inappropriate.If you’ve forgotten your PSN password, you can change it on a PC or Mac by heading to the Forgot Password section of Sony’s website and following the on-screen instructions.The biggest question that PS4 gamers have is ‘Can I change my PSN Online ID?On the flip side, being associated with a unique and attention-grabbing screen name is a great way to showcase your personality and create a memorable impression.


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