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Access Genealogy: vast family history directories and more, good Native American resources26.

Google News Archive: millions of archived newspaper pages6.

US National Archives: official US National Archives site, many free genealogy databases and resources7.

USGen Web Project: massive free genealogy resource directory by US state and county10.

World Gen Web Project: genealogy resources by country and region, not to miss Did you know that My Heritage offers their genealogy-focused ethnicity reports and DNA matching system free? Or, if you've never tested before, you can unlock your family's past by ordering a new kit at the lowest price from one of the most trusted testing companies.11.

Native Web Genealogy: list of Native American genealogy resources and searchable databases30.

Viximus: member submitted biographical information31. Wie Was Wie: for researching ancestors from the Netherlands (in Dutch)32.Litvak SIG: Lithuanian-Jewish genealogy databases and resources39.Italian Genealogical Group: Italian American genealogy resources and databases40.Internet Archive: a large amount of information useful to genealogists, but you’ll need to do some digging41. Open Library: good place to find family history books, search for surnames or locations43.Gen Disasters: for researching disasters and other events your ancestors might have been involved in44. Patriot and Grave Index: revolutionary war graves registry and patriot index from the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution46.Immigrant Ancestors Project: emigration registers for locating birthplaces of immigrants in their native countries22.


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