Donofrio dating

Penn, meanwhile, split with Charlize Theron in June 2015.The former couple were first photographed together in Hawaii in 2010.

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As it turns out, Sean current piece is Vincent D’Onofrio’s 24-year-old daughter Leila George.

Fun fact: Sean’s new girlfriend is younger than his daughter.

One of which is James Franco’s remake of , which leads me to believe that making questionable decisions is a common theme for Leila.

It looks like Sean and Leila may have started doing each other after working together.

Penn was spotted earlier this week playing tonsil hockey with actress Leila George in Hawaii, who is 32 years younger than Penn, which would also mean she’s a year younger than Penn’s daughter Dylan, according to the New York Daily News.

What do they possibly talk about, once they come up for air?

George was born in Australia, the daughter of “The Magnificent Seven” actor and Italian-Australia actress Greta Scacchi, who starred in “Presumed Innocent” with Harrison Ford.

The new couple was also seen Thursday, strolling through the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Thursday, George, an actress and Australia native, looked cozy swimming with Penn, 56, in the Oahu ocean.


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