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In my experience of him, Colman exercised that influence by his unique capacity to combine affirmation and challenge — of the District of Brothers, of smaller community groupings, and above all, of individuals.

When I opened with a clearly gruff "hello." a student responded jauntily, "What's upr" I retorted, "For starters, it's a.m. Once, in the introduction to a talk, after recognizing clergy, administrators, etc., he recognized his colleagues.

and I'm up." Less amusing is the reality that in recent years some students address me I respectfully as "Mr." or "Dr." or "Professor" or "Father." Such mild tremors to our sense of significance subside, however, in the presence of the strong support we Brothers receive from our colleagues, the rapport most Brothers enjoy with their students, especially those who have come from our own high schools, the exhilaration that follows an especially successful class session, and the occasional report of how we unwittingly changed the liv es of individual students signiticandy. He called us — the faculty — "fellow workers in the vineyard." I have been a partner with the Brothers at La Salle for more than four decades.

And, yes, he often spoke very eloquently in his regular conferences to the community of student Brothers. C., twice served multiple terms as Visitor of the Baltimore District during my 39 years as a Brother.

I have David to thank for introducing me to Paul Tillich, the great theologian who has so influenced my academic career and work. I have heard more than one of my confreres describe him as the most influential member of our District over the past five decades.

Currentlv, I enjoy the demanding but rewarding experience of meeting well over 90 students each semester, and, as far as I can ascertain, teaching and rapport with students have progressed well enough.

Early this semester, I called a neighboring s Lx pack of students at on a Monday morning to complain about their noisiness.

In the immediately following vears, I gave my vouth to Pittsburgh, where I had rewarding and memorable years teaching, pursuing graduate degrees, and moderating school publications and student government.

I also had the privilege of sponsoring a few young men who became Brothers.

I felt that gift of affirmation and challenge firsthand, and I'm a better person and Christian Brother for it. '04 Staff Writers Jon Caroulis Kimberly Mac Alister, M. '04 Alumni Notes Editor Francine Loftier, '01 Staff Designer Joshua Ash Contributors Kale Beers, '95 Michael Echan, '04 Brother Joseph Grabenstein, F. C., 73 Karen Toner, '04 Katie Whalen, '03 Photography Vincent Massa John Mc Grail, '69 Andrew Pinkham Jim Roese Alumni Association Officers William W. Olney Ave., La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199. POSTMASTER: Send change of address to office listed above.

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