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Ghrath also confuses Archer by referring to him as a "temporal agent".

But always a Star Trek optimist, I eagerly awaited the beginning of Season #4 with high hopes for what it would bring.

So as I watched the first of a two-part mini-arc that would finally close the door on the Xindi arc as well as the temporal cold war, I couldn't help but fell that the producers of Enterprise were trying to tidy up all the loose ends they created during the first 2 seasons of the show.

And just as Archer is getting this information - and Daniels trails off to his death - Vosk kidnaps Trip and Mayweather on Earth.

With them in his grasp, Vosk hopes to get - and kill - the one impediment to his grand plan: Archer.

However, they also realize that discrepancies loom for the WWII they know and the current catastrophes taking place on Earth, particularly in the particularly in the U. The captain is assaulted by Secret Service agents, including the sinister Ghrath - whom Archer suspects is an alien.

Unbeknownst to Archer at the time, Ghrath is a subordinate of Vosk's, an alien of Ghrath's same race and a leader in league with the Nazis. With help from insurgents named Sal and Carmine, Archer is rescued from the agents, and taken to the apartment of Alicia, an African-American woman who soon realizes that Archer may be from another time and place.When almost captured once before, Vosk had unfortunately developed a form of stealth time travel to escape into the past.This particular World War II time juncture provides the only point where Vosk can be stopped.She convinces her friends Sal and Carmine to help Archer, as he tries piecing together this mysterious new situation.Archer incredulously realizes that Nazis have taken over the White House and nearly the entire Eastern seaboard during a disastrous new version of World War II. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.


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