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I would have to say its helped give me a lot of perspective on dance music and night life as a whole.

Recently I have been giving a lot of credit to Lizard Lounge and Afterdark Dallas for having my back, and bringing me in on some bigger projects.

That is something that we at PRIME are really keen on working towards.

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I feel like it's where everyone starts in Dallas and has a timeless feel to me.

Green Elephant is this dodgy little dive bar away from everything else, but has has some of the best parties of my life there.

Our associates serve with humility and a deep respect for their responsibility in helping our customers achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Together, we are on a quest to change banking for good. Mobile Engineer, Android We are always looking for world-class engineering leaders who take a hands-on approach, e.g., Does this sound like you?

We experiment and innovate leveraging technologies such as: node.js, Java, Angular JS, React, Python, JSON, XML, HTML / HTML5, CSS, Chef, Maven, i OS, Swift, Android, and AWS, to name a few.

We engineer breakthrough customer experiences, and bring simplicity and humanity to banking.Personally I'm working on a lot of new music, recently released a remix of Nas - Lifes a Bitch and have been getting a lot of love from that. I can not wait to see my friend Alex continue to grow in the next few years.Sky's the limit for him and I wish him the best of luck moving forward with anything he does in his life whether it be producing music, promoting shows, or just his personal life in general! I was interested in DJing and figured the best way to get into the community was to work in the community.The first show I ever DJed was actually the first show I ever promoted.Over the past few years he has not only begun producing music, but he is a DJ and a concert promoter in my lovely city of Dallas.


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