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The track contains a sample from Diana Ross & the Supremes' 1969 song "Someday We'll Be Together", and is built on a heavy metal guitar distortion heard throughout the song.The combination of heavy hip hop beats with an electric guitar and a trip hop sound was a relative departure in sound for Jackson, and an extension of styles she developed on her previous album."If" is the second single from Janet Jackson's 1993 album, Janet.

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The song was also controversial and very notable for its sexual content, which previously had not been explored in Jackson's music and was still viewed as somewhat of a taboo subject for female musicians at the time before it became more prevalent in pop culture.

While previous songs such as "Let's Wait Awhile" and "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)" preached abstinence and only flirted with the idea of sexual intimacy, "If" was a shocking contrast, with the lyrical theme of lust and fantasizing about an object of affection.

Listen beyond Janet’s own voice to the multiple drones behind her: This is a truly focused pursuit", concluding her delivery in "If" to "work against the normal attributes of her voice, which is usually a soft coo (cf. Jackson sings at a break-neck speed, practically rapping about the salacious pleasures of her lover – this is one of Jackson’s most explicit songs (at the time)." Additionally, an alternate review gave the song similar commendation, exclaiming "If" has "a lot of styles on display", which included "distorted synth meets acoustic guitar." Rolling Stone qualified "If" as simultaneously being both "subtle and bold", with Popservations giving a similar anecdote – "Jam and Lewis gave Janet’s bedroom fantasies a fierce dressing-up — tough jeep beats, hard-rock guitar, and a Diana Ross & The Supremes sample — and some missed just what she was on about." Yahoo!

Music considered "If" to be a "fast and frenzied dance tune" beginning with "unmistakable background chords which anchor the song down and dirty all the way through to the end." A similar critique from Pop!

For me, sex has become a celebration, a joyful part of the creative process." Jackson is intrigued with the process – writing, dancing, developing concepts. "Every aspect of my recording or performance is vital," she states adamantly.

"Nothing happens without my approval." Speaking about the sexually-suggestive song and its choreographed routine, Jackson also said "It just comes to me", insisting her vocal phrasings "are not anything that I try to do purposely", adding "The one person that kept running through my head while I was writing these songs was my mother.

What body part is she referring to when she sings about a man’s “smooth and shiny”?

Could Janet be talking about the lips, chest, or a man’s procreation stick?

Listening to it and reading the lyrics Jackson wrote in a Virgin Records conference room, I blush - in itself a rare occurrence. Semon of the Telegram & Gazette commented: "One of the most exciting tracks on "janet." is the naughty seducer, 'If'." Jackson is consumed with sexual fantasies of a man who doesn't even know she exists.


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