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Balance is also key, which can actually be applied to any aspect of your life.Maintaining balance in every part of your life, has lead me to a happy and positive life, and when I begin to focus too much energy into one area, I start feeling it’s affects on other parts of my life.Much advice is doled out in the rooms of 12-step meetings about relationships in early recovery.

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SOBER: I don’t think that there is one general point of time where everyone is ready to start dating, I think it’s a personal matter and that each individual needs to establish when they might be ready to start dating again.

We’re called individuals for a reason, as we are all individualistic, which means it worth looking into yourself as well as being open to feedback from others, in order to effectively understand when you might be ready to start engaging in sexual activity again.

Some might be ready before a year, others might need longer.

I think some people rely strongly on social media and dating apps for a human connection.

The ultimate goal with people and using our app is to meet each other in person, having successfully taken the virtual relationship to reality.When you first fall in love with someone, it’s sometimes easy to fall into a pattern of spending too much time together…which can be unhealthy.SOBER: Putting everyone in the same category of “don’t have sex” in the first year of recovery, isn’t very effective nor fair.SOBER: I wouldn’t say that people in recovery are necessarily “lacking” anything towards dating, but something that I’ve experienced myself and seen others struggle with is dependence to love and co-dependence of each other.It’s important to maintain who you are as an individual and to keep growing in your life.But perhaps dating in addiction recovery isn’t so cut and dry?

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