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They named it after a local locust, the daba, who consumed everything before it.

This man has sold Dubai to the world as the city of One Thousand and One Arabian Lights, a Shangri-La in the Middle East insulated from the dust-storms blasting across the region.

I love humanity, it gives me great pleasure to see people, revived, hopeful, and restored from whatever situation.

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Every time she starts to tell her story, she puts her head down and crumples.

Dubai is a living metal metaphor for the neo-liberal globalised world that may be crashing – at last – into history.

In the mid-18th century, a small village was built here, in the lower Persian Gulf, where people would dive for pearls off the coast.

It soon began to accumulate a cosmopolitan population washing up from Persia, the Indian subcontinent, and other Arab countries, all hoping to make their fortune.

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The lack of outdoor time due to heat doesn't stand too well either- DD loves going to the park.... As you can see from my location we're already out in the Middle East.

As you can see, I can only come up with negatives, so PLEASE, I'd really appreciate experiences, blogs, and anything you may think may be useful. We live in Ruwais which is a good two hour drive away from Abu Dhabi city itself, so a bit out in the sticks I guess you'd say!

She is slim and angular and has the faded radiance of the once-rich, even though her clothes are as creased as her forehead.


  1. The Trump administration has taken another step toward building a wall on the US border with Mexico, even as funding for the project remains in question.

  2. With typical humility, he now downplays the decision to join up: I don’t think I had the intention of making it a career at that point.

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