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Each packet is given the final address of its destination, but the packets do not necessarily follow the same route. Rather, packets are sent from router to router, with each router calculating the best path for that packet to reach its destination at that particular moment. Werst, A Survey of the First Amendment “ Indecency” Legal Doctrine and its Inapplicability to Internet Regulation: A Guide for Protecting Children from Internet Indecency After Reno v. However, the Internet also presents unique challenges to national sovereignty, raising questions whether governments and their legal systems will be able to effectively apply regulation to sectors of society which they have traditionally regulated.

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Online gambling sites usually require a deposit, either through a credit card, electronic cash, wire transfer, or by physically mailing a payment.

This money may be kept on deposit with the site owner or the site may require that the user establish an account at a bank of the site owner’s choice.

Obviously, the Communications Decency Act and the resulting dispute over attempts to regulate access to pornography on the Internet have drawn the most scrutiny.

Some other areas that have raised concern are harmful speech, infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy, and Internet gambling.

The relative ease of Internet gambling has raised a great amount of concern on behalf of state and federal governments.

No longer do individuals have to rely upon state sanctioned gaming, such as a State lottery or horse track. Delacourt, The International Impact of Internet Regulation, 38 Harv.

Unlike much of the activity on the Net where there are freedom of speech interests, gaming is conduct. material which parents may believe is inappropriate for their children.”). See generally, id.; Weinberg, supra note 148, at 454. In fact, many software filters that seek to prevent access to pornographic materials by children also block access to Internet gambling sites.

There are very few conceivable expressive elements in playing blackjack online, besides those of an owner who seeks to express himself through some type of civil disobedience. 2329, 2326, 2347 (1997) (noting that filtering software exists and will soon be available, which provides a “reasonably effective method by which parents can prevent their children from accessing .

For example, a license in Antigua is subject to a background check and a license fee of 0,000 for casinos and ,000 for sports books.

Typically, a user desiring to participate on one of these sites accesses the appropriate web page by clicking on a hypertext link to the site on another page (such as a search engine or a gambling directory) or by typing the name of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into their web browser, much as one would to contact Harvard Law School or CNN on the Internet.

Thus, if a user wanted to reach the Internet site for Harvard Law School, they would simply type " into their browser.


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