Is johnny gill and eddie murphy dating rulli alaggio tinder dating site

They said it about Will [Smith] and Duane Martin so I guess we fit in the group of…because we’ve always been tight…Eddie could care less about it…and Eddie’s always been Eddie and anybody that knows Eddie knows Eddie lives Eddie’s life and he will look at you straight up and tell you, “Aye keep messing with me and I’ll hit you with my wallet and knock you out and keep it rocking!

Yes you read that ish right and no, I'm not talking about Eddie: Johnny Gill really has a girlfriend who he made sure to tote around the beach like an accessory in Hawaii yesterday.

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You don't know her, don't know anything about her, yet you're making all kinds of nasty comments. Gay or not, here's yet another successful Black man who's not with a Black woman. Ladies, we need to take a stand and do something about.

Johnny is obviously private enough and protective enough toward his women to shield them from the stupid azz public! Men of others races need to wake up and realize that so many of their women are flocking to our men, and in turn step up and start courting US!

Shoot, them girls be in the sun or in the tanning salon trying to get brown. I guess Eddie has been frying up homemade chicken,collards and corn muffins over the last year.

That's why when I hear "black don't crack" you know exactly why. People of other races have no problem coming out of the closet. He is looking a little Bobby Brown-ish in the gut area...

Black fanz offended to see him with a non-black woman, well other than Janet Jackson and one other sister, all I've ever seen him with is non-black women (including the girl he was engaged to), so I'm used to it.

Not being seen in many photos with women, well, look at how you all treated that woman.We don't need to lay in the sun, getting baked and damage our skin. If I see another beautiful chocolate man walking around with a white chick with dark hair, I am going to scream!!! These guys don't realize these chicks just want some money and baby and they are gone!!You see all these wrinkle commercials really don't have no sistas in it because at the at 50 we still beautiful. It is said because alot of them think that black women are just gold diggers, until they get the obsessive, controlling, and crying all the time white girl. lol » EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Destiny Would Never Do A Fake PR Relationship, So Her Coupledom With Keith Powers Is REAL!He didn't even know of this child until he was a few mpnths old. So each and every one of you need to find a hobby, and stop concerning yourselves with Johnny Gills sexuality. Isn't this funny, Johnny appearing with this broad right around the time Eddie's movie is due to drop?In summary that means he was clearly sleeping with women and this child was born BEFORE the Eddie murphy rumors! As far as the hot, and she isn't a white girl..yourselves a favor and get your facts right before you decide to waste 15 minutes of your life on celebrity gossip. We still don't believe you...."You need more people" to back your foolywag ass up! Phuckery at it's finest..we are supposed to believe this ish?[/quote] Girl, you will drive yourself crazy worrying about something you have absolutely no control of. I have dated white men and Asian men, and I have gotten some of those same reactions from the angry sisters. You act like these black men had a choice between you and a white girl, and chose the latter. He can have her, lol This is soooo obvious Johnny, you're making things worse lol She's attractive alright - this n**** is gay and WE all KNOW it - this chick is jus in the pix for the MONEY!!!

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