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Shevach, 35, was driving home to the Jewish settler outpost of Havat Gilad in central Samaria late Tuesday evening when shots rang out from a passing vehicle.

Shevach, a volunteer medic as well as a spiritual leader, was hit in the neck.

Not to mention that Jerusalem was divided between 1948-1967, and the situation was a nightmare for its residents.

In the wake of the worldwide denunciation of President Trump’s earth-shaking decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, nations are now queueing up to follow his lead.

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When US President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last month, he was very careful to not use the words "united" or "undivided," as Israel insists the city must remain.

Now, Israel is being told by another global power that it will ultimately have to "share" Jerusalem with the Palestinian Authority, which claims the eastern half of the Holy City as its capital.

While the current British government is generally in step with Trump, it vocally disagreed with his Jerusalem declaration, fearing it would be exploited to predetermine the outcome of peace negotiations.At his funeral, the frustration over incessant Palestinian violence targeting local Jewish residents was palpable.Following the funeral, that Israeli army had to respond to several incidents of young local Jews attacking nearby Palestinian villages with stones.He managed to phone his wife, who called emergency responders, but it was too late.In addition to his grieving wife, Shevah leaves behind six young children.And yet even while archaeological finds further confirm Jewish connection to the city over thousands of years, the UK and other major European powers stubbornly refuse to face reality.


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