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Well actually, it didn't, and here's what happened the night after my birthday celebration... He was giving me the silent treatment when hours ago we were talking and having a great time.

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Akhi: Well *smiles at him* in that case if you're really tired then I should help you out.

He sighed angrily, planted his hand on his hips, then he wiped his face in frustration before facing me.

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You'd probably think that after Gab came back to our apartment that things were going better...

It doesn't begin or end with black women receiving. It is the beautiful tragic epitome of that strong black woman type we also collectively celebrate and simultaneously criticize.

One of our most collectively celebrated images of a black woman is the black woman who perseveres, who survives, who continues on. Shonda Rhimes' trifecta of But it is portrayed as just that: a tension. In order to survive, we don't fly, we don't acquire superhuman characteristics. And perhaps black women tend to do it better than most but that's because we .

Hinihintay ko na pumasok si Gab because maybe we could get to talk and clear things out. Ipinasok na nya ulit ang mga gamit nya but he never looked at me. So I decided I should be the one to open up a conversation. He didn't answer and continued what he was doing.

I was about to grab one of his clothes and help him put it back in the dresser then he stopped me.

None of Rhimes's main characters (even white Meredith Grey) are wholly healthy women (they're subsisting on a diet of popcorn and red wine or using sex as a weapon). What they are is incredibly, lethally, terrific at what they do. But I find it not coincidental that as certain language started disappearing and certain practices started going underground, another language and practice started showing up: the idea of the magical black woman—#Black Girl Magic., body slammed her and threw her across the room, thought she was magical and would bounce off the floor. And it would be a magical feeling to be treated like human beings–who can't fly, can't bounce off the ground, can't block bullets, who very much can feel pain, who very much can die. Linda Chavers is a writer, teacher, and scholar of 20th century American and African American literature with specializations in race and visual culture. in Race and Gender from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study (magna cum laude).


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