Kehlani single single partnersuche Hamburg

Kehlani sings on a surprise new single she dropped Wednesday night on i Tunes titled "Did I." The song was available for streaming via Apple Music.

The production on "Touch" has some electronic, future-bass influence that has a festival feeling to it.

While the beat is huge, she doesn't let it overpower her own vocals.

While Kehlani’s strength as a songwriter is her honesty, she continues to use that to her advantage while she expresses the love that she has for her best-friend-turned-girlfriend.

It’s another detailed song through the eyes of Kehlani.

It’s a change of pace compared to what she offered on her album.

However, it’s still another tune from Kehlani that continues to set herself apart from her contemporaries.

Aside from releasing new music, her debut album seems to keep her busy simultaneously.

She’s been on the road this whole year, promoting her album Sweet Sexy Savage.

Months after her birth, Kehlani lost her father, never properly meeting him.

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