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Azaka couldn't understand why she killed herself, and Touko comments that she just probably could not fly today.

In November 1998, Azaka tried showing Mikiya and Shiki her magecraft using one of Touko's pens as a catalyst, however when Touko returned from her art exhibition, she scolded Azaka from using her magic in front of people and warned her that the magecraft would lose it's effectiveness if she got dependent on channeling it through an item.

It was at this moment Azaka was attracted to Mikiya's kindness, falling in love with him despite their blood relation.

She became Touko's apprentice around June or July 1998 as a way to spite Shiki, and wished to become a magus in order to rival Shiki physically and mentally.

Azaka has long black hair and has blue eyes, like her brother.

She becomes Touko's apprentice simply out of necessity to match Shiki, but they actually like each other's personalities.

Only their relationships with Mikiya make it difficult for them to become good friends.

Azaka and Fujino tried to meet her brother Mikiya in Ahnenerbe but Mikiya couldn't make it so he asked Shiki to pass down a message, much to Azaka's annoyance.

In September 1998, she and Touko witnessed the suicide of Kirie Fujou.In Kara no Kyoukai, she is a supporting character in most of the chapters.However, in the 6th chapter Oblivion Recorder, she is the main character to investigate a certain incident.When she received word from Mikiya about Satsuki Kurogiri's abilities. Because of this, Azaka is able to run past Kurogiri without being affected by his ability, and heads to the suicide site to discover all the students there in a trance, with lighted matches and open canisters of fuel, Ouji intending for them to commit suicide in the same manner as Kaori.Ouji and Azaka moved their battle to the chapel; Azaka uses her magecraft to burn Ouji's fairies, as though she can't see them, she can detect their heat with her abilities.Azaka is Mikiya's younger sister, separated from her family and adopted by her uncle on her own request at a young age.


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