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His scenes when his father died ,when he knows Sun Jae betrayed him, when he cried to find his younger sis is blind, and II like the most the scenes when he and Sun Jae talked at the prison,full of emotions!

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Its like they give all the good clothes to Ji Won & Ji Soo and left the most hideous looking clothes to Seu Wan lol.

I wish they keep her Thailand hair as she looked really good with that hair. thank you for this breathtaking drama Started watching Goodbye Mr.

love love Sun Jae's and Mari's love story have been playing all their parts from episode one to twenty the actors' acting were daebak too hope they will also win/be recognised for the best/favourite couple award I love to watch you more n more , Chaewon ssi... I am on my 3rd time already and I am far from done. Love how black stayed true to his love for swan even with his.......?

you portrayed Kim Swan so perfectly that made me cried a lot everytime I watched you give Black strength, you are a good actrees indeed! I also love the kiss scences between black and swan, just so u know jinuk is a very good kisser.

You all have won our hearts, gonna love this drama forever ! at least like pretty mari cos kaya would look really good ... the male lead is so handsome , I feel that he is so good in crying act, but a bit flat in other expressions... JR said both SJ and JW were not in the right mind to process Papa Cha's inheritance split cos of emnity etc....

msj was a very good character made almost perfect by kkw .... And secondly, about SJ and Mari, they both wanted children and the ploy of her being pregnant was to keep the marriage afloat after JW came back ....I noticed in the early episodes that Ji-Ryoon turned it over on his desk when Black walked into his office.And when Black asked Ji-Ryoon "if he knew anything about his dad's will," he said "he didn't." But was looking at it after Black left. @kraze, I think Lee Jin Wook has acted very well, he has so many different parts to act in this drama, he smiled,played funny,sad,cried,endured his pain,and his awecome thrilling action scenes.LJW is not as good as he was in his previous drama NINE, KKW is not as good as he was in GOLDEN CROSS, And MCW also is not as good as she was in THE INNOCENT MAN and GOOD DOCTOR. The supporting casts are even at their best/better than the main actors in this drama. I will rewatch this drama and recommend it to all I love because it deserves time spent watching it.I love Black , he is so gentleman to always convince Swan his love , that his love to her will not change eventhough Swan is his enemy's daughter, I realy love his love confession on the bus and when he hug Swan saying that he will be like elephant mom to always look after her child until they fall asleep... Thanks to the actors and actresses who worked really hard and big thanks to the director and staff for this unforgetable drama. still thinks that mcw as kaya should have had long hair instead ... I feel that Baek Eun Do's laughing so hard, just like cartoon's character, it made me laugh to see him laughed , so hard and sharp voice, quite annoying:-) But overall, this drama is a good one...On the contrary, this is the best one for me,I rewatch it for 3 times.

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