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Much as I love Airtable, I was just about to get excited about rolling out Kanban with Airtable, and then I had an another “oh yeah, but…” moment when I looked at how completely unusable our kanban would be because of Airtable’s excessive use of white space and inflexible layouts Attached is a screen shot of my Kanban with Google Chrome at 100%.

With only 5 fields displayed per card (most of them empty and short) Airtable can only display about 1.5 cards in each list!?

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Having look-up tables for past entries saves some work on each new con added to the main database.

Where for the sake of illustration I highlighted the empty space - a formula field like “when and duration” allows me to concatenate some values like the start date and number of days (my compromise for not having a proper duration for the event).

We use a kanban system and most of our on-screen lists (columns) are 5-10 items long with more data.

It would be fantastic to be able to have kanban and database integrated in one product, but Airtable’s formatting is so inefficient that that the"kanban" view is useless for us.

And, of course, Airtable now hides empty fields in Kanban view. Wish that was the case (or at least an option) for gallery view as well.

My problem is as follows: a current project is for a group that lists all the cosplay events in the UK (plus a few other items) in one calendar.

Like income - outcome, start date - end date, foreseen - accomplished etc., on the same line, like in two columns.

Note that I particularly like this solution (and, in fact, have gone to a custom front end for my own app using Word Press and the Airpress plugin), but to address the ‘one field per line’ issue I created a number of pre-merged lines using formula fields — e.g., ( & " - " & ), and the like.

This is just to set out a catalogue of what’s on offer, and allow folks to sign up if they’re interested. On the Kanban cards and forms particularly, it’s very hard to put a useful amount of information on the screen with Airtable’s oversized field spacing.

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