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That would explain the differences that he had noted in the finches that he had brought back from the Galápagos.” Not correct on two counts: In all, he [Darwin] shot six types of finches from three islands, and his samples from two of these were mixed together. he had tagged his specimens in a desultory manner and had rarely bothered to label by island. He remained confused by the Galápagos finches, believing that they fed indiscriminately together, unaware of the importance of their different beaks.

Come to that, he still had trouble identifying the species, or their locations; and he still thought that his collection contained finches, wrens, ‘Grossbeaks’, and ‘Icteruses’ (blackbird-relatives).

Indeed, over the centuries, fulfilment of the dominion mandate has been a major motivation for many engaged in exploration, discovery, and scientific research.

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Birds with genes for thick and strong beaks could cope with them better, so would be better fed, and thus more likely to leave offspring.

But birds on an island with few seeds but lots of grubs would do better with longer and thinner beaks, so they could poke deeper into the ground and pull out their prey.

If you have a child of six or eight and you miss three months of his or her life, it’s irreplaceable; you miss something.’His daughter Susan is a primary school teacher and his son Robert is a senior lecturer in biological anthropology at the Australian National University. In recent years Sir David’s life has been beset with personal tragedy.

He lost his brother, the actor Richard Attenborough, in 2014 and his brother John, a motor executive and finance consultant, in 2012.

Speaking to Louis Theroux in an interview with the Radio Times earlier this month, Sir David said he felt he was away filming for too long when his children were young.

He said: ‘If I do have regrets, it is that when my children were the same age as your children, I was away for three months at a time.Sir David Attenborough has revealed his fear of ‘becoming an appalling encumbrance’ on his children before he dies.The 91-year-old is one of Britain’s best-loved TV presenters and has said he wants to keep working for as long as he’s just that it is more complex than Darwin imagined.” See: Is the evolutionary tree turning into a creationist orchard?In support of Darwin, Attenborough tells viewers that “All domestic dogs are descended from a single ancestral species—the wolf.” And he continues: “Human beings have been selecting between dogs for only a few centuries.Sir David begins by telling viewers: “Our Earth is the only known planet that sustains life, and it does so in abundance. The sheer number and variety of animals and plants is astonishing. Nobody knows how many different kinds of animals there are here”.


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