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Our dating website is 100% free and we have new Christian singles just like you joining us everyday. Free Dating Australia for Christian singles is one of our most popular dating categories.

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Below are some first date recommendations for Christian couples.

The first date totally sets the scene for many different things so try these out!

"Nothing worse than a hoary fanny." Grey Pubic Hair: Should It Stay Or Should It Go? A touch of silver is clearly a no-no on the nou-nou. A friend even drew pictures of pubic topiary options for him on a table napkin at The Wolseley. Everything droops as you age and the ones I've seen look vile." I am now in the depths of depilatory despair. A whole range of products could eliminate the six signs of genital aging.

I call my best pal, Angela, with whom I share every twist and turn of my dating life. " "Strip the lot off," comes the crisp and definitive reply. He had the self-same dilemma when he finished with his partner of 15 years about five years ago. Perhaps I won't sleep with the Muddy Farmer after all. A little neatly cropped pepper and salt seems the lesser of two evils compared to him running screaming from the room at the sight of my bald, drooping, aged fanny. If only L'Oreal knew the insecurities that lie below our belts.

Local bands are always worth supporting, especially if they are good!

Being faithful Christians, you can also go to concerts at the gospel or Hillsong.

): Romans believed in their libido-increasing abilities and Casanova wrote that he ate 50 for breakfast in "The Story of My Life." Well guess what?

The mollusks are packed with the feel-good hormone dopamine.

If you believe in the Christian faith and the beliefs and values it upholds you'll be glad to learn that we have created a specific Christian online dating category for Christian singles in Australia.

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