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But there are some brains behind the article and I agreed with about half of it, so it is worth properly ridiculing the conclusion right here, in order to Fix the Internet.

It means training your body and mind in your off hours so that you can perform better than anyone else in the on hours.

Inhaling books on investment, psychology, nutrition. Barbells and pullup racks in your apartment where your peers keep the Louis Vuitton purses and Apple products.

In real life (even New York City real life), you get paid for getting really difficult shit done, better than anybody else can do it.

This means fiddling with meticulous, gigantic spreadsheets at PM so you can get the impressively casual email to the department polished and sent by am.

And sure, maybe occasionally things like that do happen.

But to think of this as an is roughly as smart as bringing your lucky numbers to the lottery vendor faithfully every week and crossing your fingers for the big win.

Or wiring your brain to source code and compiler windows spread out across three 34″ monitors on your stand-up desk while you design software in zen-like silence at 6am before everyone else shows up at work.

Or revising and re-researching your latest article for Elite Daily for the 55th time so it’s better and more viral than any article ever written before.

All good things, to be sure, but also a bit of an illusion.

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