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The hunting is stupid good and the bounties are hella bigif Barb lives long enough to collect!.99 / Miniseries When one mans writers block gets in the way of his suicide note, he goes for a walk to clear his head and soon uncovers a century-old conspiracy dedicated to creating and mining the worst lows of human desperation. A bold new speculative-fiction comic from the mind of writer Curt Pires, with each issue illustrated by a different brilliant artist! Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them.

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$24.99 HC, 6″ x 9″ Everyone whos laid eyes on Harvey is dead.

Thats because Harvey is a hired killer whose victims never see him until its too late. Until Harvey meets a woman who, strangely, can see him.

$3.99 / Miniseries They told you the counterculture was dead. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutalunless the Tomorrows can stop it.

$27.99 HC, 8 1/4″ x 10 1/4″ From the imagination of Matt Kindt, 2 Sisters is at once a fanciful World War II thriller full of codes, gadgets, and cyanide capsules and the heartbreaking story of Elle and Anna, whose shared past and secrets are dredged up when Elle is recruited into His Majestys service as a covert agent!

$16.99 HC, 7″ x 10″ The Waldorf Astoria is the classiest hotel along the Manhattan skyline in 1930s New York City.

When a charming woman checks in with a high-society entourage, a bellhop and a maid get caught up in a series of mysterious thefts. .99 / Ongoing The Golden Age heroes of Spiral City have been erased from existence!

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Now more than ever, PREVIEWS is here to show the tales, toys and treasures in your future!

But in order to preserve a delicate cosmic balance, the omnipotent immortals may be forced to intercede!


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