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This stance shows that you are comfortable being yourself and comfortable communicating to the person you are talking to.

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This doesn’t have to be your stationary position, as that might be uncomfortable and a little awkward after a while, but try to incorporate the palms-up position throughout different parts of the interaction.

This particular non-verbal tip allows for more effective communication.

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By regularly nodding your head “yes” when the person you are talking to is speaking, you signify that you are listening to what they are saying and also that you are in agreement with their position.

By keeping your feet apart and slightly bent, you are in a very comfortable and natural stance.

So how can we communicate more effectively in our lives by taking advantage of our body language and tone?

How can we look more confident, comfortable, and content, and in turn elicit these emotions in the people we are communicating with?

You are communicating to them that you are a likable and believable person.

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