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The problem is sometimes people take it too seriously and think it represents reality.

The main thing is that elf girls are kept in second place to human women. We haven't heard any elf opinions in this thread or the previous one (some people were suspected of being elves but they proved they were human), but from what I know of elves they go along with all of this happily.11055This is very true.

It's well known that elves who have never shown even slightly sapphic tendencies among their own kind become uncompromisingly bisexual when in contact with a human woman.

Given how beautiful and seductive elf girls are it's not realistic to expect her husband not to fall for the girl so something has to be worked out.10753In situations like this, the best tools are the human man and woman talking about bringing an elf into the house beforehand, and the wife seeing how happy her husband is with their new elf.

Before bringing an elf into the house, the human woman should understand and accept that this elf will be serving her husband as he sees fit.

Properly civilised elves know these facts already, and would never dream of asking their masters to degrade themselves thus.

It falls to the most noble among them to set a proper example for their sisters.10740These are wonderfully done and very striking.

If we were talking about human vixens, monster girls, robot girls, etc, that would be one thing, but this is just harmless elf girls.

They are so submissive, so little of a threat, so safe, that it almost doesn't qualify in my opinion.11058The rules you list are a compromise that most people and elves seem to be happy with.

I get the idea of reserving vaginal sex for human women is both very submissive and an effective form of birth control too, but is that what human men and women want? But elves are intelligent creatures so while it's fine to treat her like a pet sometimes she's not literally a pet.

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