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Christian believers in a Chinese county have reportedly been forced to remove pictures of Jesus, gospels and other religious decorations from their homes.Instead, portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping are being hung up in public areas and local families.

Pastor Huang continued: 'Xi mentioned to put more Chinese characteristics into Christianity and that's no different in bringing up another cultural revolution.'American-Chinese pastor Liu Yi, told the reporter that the communist party was afraid of any organised activity from the West, and western religion such as Christianity was one of the threats.

Pastor Liu said: 'I noticed that some of the Christianity groups in China are spreading songs with communism elements among their believers.' Yugan county in Jiangxi Province has a population of one million people.

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Around one-tenth of the population, some 100,000 people, follow Christianity, according to Fuyin Times.

The news came after authorities in China ordered children to be banned from joining religious groups.

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