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Their reasons can be personal obligations, the need to maintain their current employment while obtaining a degree, or simply the inability to afford to relocate.More recent that the availability of online courses from a college, there is now a wide range of courses from those very colleges and universities that are being provided for free online.

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MOOC, as they are called, or Massive Open Online Courses, are posted online and are open to people all over the country.

A large interest has encouraged these Universities to provide internationally available coursework for people in other parts of the world.

“It’s about languages; it’s about viewpoints; it’s about culture, absolutely.

It’s really about diversity.” USA Today journalist Mary Beth Marklein recently discussed this new educational phenomenon.

AYI analysts suspect that younger women are inundated by requests from older men and while that might once have had some appeal—in a marrying-for-wealth sort of way— it simply doesn’t anymore.

A 2008 study published in the journal foind that women who are 10 or more years older than their partner report more satisfaction and relationship commitment compared to women who are the same age or younger than their partner.

The following listings include 75 free college courses in the field of Psychology.

Many colleges put their entire course offerings online, some of them put a few introductory courses online in order to provide basic coursework to prepare incoming students for the rigors of a college-level course curriculum.

The sections below are divided up by institution or the source of the class.


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