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When Carrie meets charming journalist Ben, she doubled-dates with his mate Luke and Miranda - a total misfit because she abhors his position that nothing outside is worth leaving Manhattan even for a holiday.

Charlotte meets the legendary Mitch(ell) 'pussy' and experiences he never disappoints in bed, but can she really be satisfied without an actual relationship?

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Merrow continued to host a regular show at the Experiment in the ensuing months, despite feeling upset whenever she saw him.

But when news broke in October that prominent New York City comedian Aaron Glaser had been banned from Merrow decided she could no longer perform at Fathelbab's venue and wanted him to know why.

, Taylor Swift took to the stage to perform “Are You Ready for It?

" and “Call It What You Want." The former she sang using a sparkly snake microphone and I now think there's no reason to use any other kind of microphone.

Fathelbab's support of women and minorities at the Experiment also made him a target for white supremacist trolls who coordinated an effort to get the venue shut down.

Whether the alt-right was responsible for a surprise visit from the New York City Fire Department in mid-December is unclear, but inspectors closed the Experiment for safety violations.Meanwhile Carrie gets freaked out by her failing to find Ben's freaky side, so she takes drastic action at his place.The night of March 22, 2016, is hazy for Irene Fagan Merrow, a 24-year-old comedian who lives in New York City.Read about her volunteer efforts and see how you can join the fight. all Fosters Young Minds Want to know more about what Issa, Frieda and the rest of the We Got Y? For the 2017 edition of Vulture Fest, the Insecure creator spoke with her usual candor about her work, her wardrobe and what cameo she’s craving.\r\n","type":"text","align":"left","title":"Issa Rae ‘Wines Down’ With Vulture"}},"band":"Promotional Single Item"}"2017 Vulture Festival Issa Rae ? With Vulture For the 2017 edition of Vulture Fest, the Insecure creator spoke with her usual candor about her work, her wardrobe and what cameo she? Costume designer Ayanna James shares which Los Angeles artists, influencers and entrepreneurs inspired Season 2.\r\n\r\n","title":"Here's What Inspired the Insecure Cast and Creators"}},"band":"Multimedia Gallery"}"Can’t get enough of the  Insecure soundtrack? After performing at the Experiment Comedy Gallery in Brooklyn — an eclectic venue known for welcoming performers from underrepresented groups — she began imbibing with a few friends and fellow comics.

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