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While I was sucking cock and being fucked at the same time, the other two men mauled my breasts and slid their hands over my body.

"Come on, share the slut with us," I heard one of them say as they moved close to my head.

____________________________________ "Well that went ok," the guy thought to himself as he walked off.

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"The pictures in those books make you want to do it, don't they," he said straight off. I met the driver's eye as he looked out waiting for me to board the bus. Now that it was all settled and we were on our way to the guy's apartment, I began to relax just a little. " the guy asked, seeming to have no more hesitation. "One time I had a guy on either side and I was kissing them in turn while they were .... I felt confident about this guy, but the others that he had phoned, could be anything - sadists, murderers, who knows. He assured me that they were all very decent guys and that I'd be perfectly safe with them all.

I couldn't bring myself to say anything in reply; indeed I didn't know what to say. "Wait here and I'll get the car," then he added in an authoritative tone, "don't get on the bus." He hurried away, leaving me there with my mind in a turmoil of indecision. I shook my head and motioned with my hand for him to move on. I felt a sudden urge to jump forward and bang on the door to be let in and for the bus to carry me away. I paused, not sure of myself, but then said, "yes, very much." "Of course it did, it's just what you want, isn't it," he said with a grin. It was not until the car turned into the garage of a block of units, that I expressed my feelings. He told me that they'd already be here and waiting, and that there was no way that I could back out now. They all looked ok, well dressed and nice enough looking, although all in about their fifties.

I was just eighteen at the time, working nine to five for a real estate firm.

It was a small business, just the boss and three agents, with me as the only office girl.

"I suppose that you have a boyfriend," the pest was saying. He didn't seem to notice my disapproval, and asked, "or is it that you prefer girls?

" "I had a boyfriend," I almost snapped, "but we've just broken up. "I love that little skirt," he continued, "you look so hot." Feeling that I had to say something to get rid of this pest, I said to him coldly, "just because I wear a short skirt doesn't mean that you can talk like that." "Well you wear a skirt like that for one reason only," he said suggestively.He continued to hold it out to me, almost as if he knew the thoughts going through my mind. I grabbed the envelope and pushed past the guy without saying a word. I knew that by doing this I was wantonly giving my consent. I don't know, just a minute." "How old are you Sweetheart? I told him, and he repeated it into the phone: "only just turned eighteen .......... ok, see you in twenty minutes," and he ended the call.I climbed on board the bus, my heart pounding and feeling hot and flushed. " the guy exclaimed out loud as he walked away, causing a passing man to look at him in wonder. "It might take a couple more times, but I've really got a grasp on her now." ___________________________________ All day I knew that the guy would be waiting for me after work. "Hi Doug, I've got that young chick from the bus stop that I was telling you about." There was a pause while he listened to what his friend on the other end of the line had to say. I'll phone some of the other guys .................... There was another similar call to someone called Pete. " He asked "do you think that you could handle four of us?The bus arrived just then and I got on, and even though there were empty seats, I sat next to a woman so that the guy couldn't sit next to me, but when I looked around I found that he hadn't boarded the bus, and I saw him walking off along the pavement. I tried to hide my embarrassment by rifling about in my handbag, pretending to look for something, and peering into it so as not to encounter his look. The guy then thrust a large envelope at me, "here's something you'll like," he said.____________________________________ The guy smiled as he walked off, "just broken up with the boyfriend eh, that's good, she might be just right for picking - she certainly looks like she wants it, wearing a skirt like that, you can all but see her ass." ____________________________________ It was only a couple of days later, when having walked to the bus stop, the same guy came along smiling at me amiably. I was so surprised, and the envelope was thrust at me so suddenly, that I took a hold of it."I'll take the train," I kept telling myself, but I knew that wouldn't happen, and that I'd go to the bus stop. " he asked, wanting all of the sordid details and using that crude word that men like to use. I was certainly starting to relax a lot more, and I laughed with him, and said, "yes." "Would you like to have three guys at the same time .... " I didn't really say yes, but then I didn't say no either, and in a moment the guy was talking to someone called Sam, and was telling him to come and fuck me also.


  1. Around one-tenth of the population, some 100,000 people, follow Christianity, according to Fuyin Times.

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  4. This stance shows that you are comfortable being yourself and comfortable communicating to the person you are talking to.

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