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New member is welcome to join any time of the year.

Every member is eligible to play in any of the 70 annual golf events.

All purchases at the Pro Shop are State and Federal tax free.

The Wednesday events are played from the white tees while the Sunday event is from the blue tees. Prize money is included in your full membership, you only pay green fees for tournaments.

Also monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month. In addition, we have out of town tournaments, field multiple teams for SCGA team play, and let members have access to reduced fees at Brookside's two courses.

Join us if you fit our Club's criteria (legal related) and want to have fun playing more golf, as we rotate through 9-hole and 18-hole courses in Los Angeles County! For membership questions, contact Cynthia Cohen at [email protected]

Since its establishment in 1950, APMGC members have held fundraisers for South Bay public officials, marshaled at the Northern Trust Open (formally the Nissan Open) and held board or executive officer positions in the PLGA and SCGA.

We also have a Club Championship that uses points that add up from your participation during the year. We also have a Club Championship that uses points that add up from your participation during the year. Admiral Baker has the advantage of being a military golf course on an open campus and available for all golfers.

Regular Club members receive discounted green fees and cart fees at all times.

This club also participates in the SCGA sanctioned Team Play events. Arrowood Premiere Golf Club is an open membership club which hosts weekend events primarily at Arrowood Golf Course in Oceanside CA.

The club holds events at the course every Saturday and Sunday mornings beginning around am unless otherwise announced.

is the annual dues, and provides you with monthly updates of your handicap.


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