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Depending on the abstraction level and context, corresponding code points and the resulting code space may be regarded as bit patterns, octets, natural numbers, electrical pulses, etc.

A character encoding is used in computation, data storage, and transmission of textual data.

", email or ICQ message, this online decoder will help you to restore the unreadable text.

The low cost of digital representation of data in modern computer systems allows more elaborate character codes (such as Unicode) which represent most of the characters used in many written languages.

Character encoding using internationally accepted standards permits worldwide interchange of text in electronic form.

Still decoder will suggest even partial translations.

Decoder also recognizes most popular email and web encodings like base64, quoted-printable, urlencoded, etc.

Although decoder manages to recover garbled texts quite well, in some rare cases pasted text can not be recovered or recovered fully.

Mainly it is due to a possible loss of some encoding information while copying a text.The Baudot code, a five-bit encoding, was created by Émile Baudot in 1870, patented in 1874, modified by Donald Murray in 1901, and standardized by CCITT as International Telegraph Alphabet No. Fieldata, a six- or seven-bit code, was introduced by the U. BCD extended existing simple four-bit numeric encoding to include alphabetic and special characters, mapping it easily to punch-card encoding which was already in widespread use. ASCII was introduced in 1963 and is a seven-bit encoding scheme used to encode letters, numerals, symbols, and device control codes as fixed-length codes using integers.IBM's Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (usually abbreviated as EBCDIC) is an eight-bit encoding scheme developed in 1963.Morse code was introduced in the 1840s and is used to encode each letter of the Latin alphabet, each Arabic numeral, and some other characters via a series of long and short presses of a telegraph key.Representations of characters encoded using Morse code varied in length. IBM's Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) was a six-bit encoding scheme used by IBM in as early as 1959 in its 14 computers, and in its 7000 Series (for example, 704, 7040, 7 computers), as well as in associated peripherals.The decoder will try to figure out the file type if it can.


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