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Once the woman arrived, the man pushed her inside and sexually assaulted her, officials said.

Police released video of the man, who the woman does not know, on Tuesday.

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(Full Story) Police said six fraternity members in Maryland hosted a disruptive party with so much booze the air inside the home tested positive for alcohol, local media reports.

The American Universty fraternity party took place in mid-November and ended with all six students being charged with 126 counts each for allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor, according to ABC 7.

No individuals were charged with sexual misconduct.

Jordan Hankins and Richard Schwartz were charged with hazing and conspiracy to commit hazing.

(Full Story) less The party also featured cutout boards of people in traditional Mexican garb, a bar painted to look like a Mexican flag and a giant cutout of Patrón tequila, according to The Daily Texan. (Full Story)Three young men pledging the Nu Alpha Phi fraternity were taken to a city park and ordered to do exercises wearing hooded sweatshirts and no gloves for "failing to perform their daily duties," according to Syracuse police.

After about 30 minutes, the pledges were given hand warmers and told to walk back to the frat house, according to police.

Recently obtained court documents detail a breathalyzer test of the air within the home returned a score of 0.01 percent.

The legal blood-alcohol content for drivers in Texas cuts off at 0.08 percent.

The university and the Department of Education reached an agreement over UVa's handling of the case in September 2015.

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