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The object field may contain a Freebase MID for an object or a human-readable ID for schema from Freebase or other RDF vocabularies.

It may also include literal values like strings, booleans and numeric values. In order to make each triple fit on one line, we have escaped newlines with "\n".

Let's look at some example statements to get a better understanding: Statement: "The author of https:// is Jan Egil Refsnes". The xmlns:rdf namespace, specifies that elements with the rdf prefix are from the namespace "

The xmlns:cd namespace, specifies that elements with the cd prefix are from the namespace "

Persist your data using TDB, a native high performance triple store. Expose your triples as a SPARQL end-point accessible over HTTP.

Fuseki provides REST-style interaction with your RDF data.

This namespace is outside RDF (and not a part of RDF). The elements, artist, country, company, price, and year, must be defined by someone else (company, organization, person, etc).

As seen in the previous chapter, a container says that the containing resources are members - it does not say that other members are not allowed.They constitute a snapshot of the data stored in Freebase and the Schema that structures it, and are provided under the same CC-BY license.The Freebase/Wikidata mappings are provided under the CC0 license.Query your RDF data using ARQ, a SPARQL 1.1 compliant engine.ARQ supports remote federated queries and free text search. The combination of a Resource, a Property, and a Property value forms a Statement (known as the subject, predicate and object of a Statement).

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