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Surveys show that over 50% of women in advertising report experiencing sexual harassment.Do you know how to handle complaints and allegations? Are you creating a safe environment for all your employees so that you can attract and retain a diverse workforce that feels respected and included?Harassment of any kind has no place in the workplace.

Wendy also effectively plays the role of outside general counsel.

She advises on a wide variety of employment issues as they arise, including discrimination and harassment, employee classification, wage and hour, employee discipline, employee use of social media, background checks, interview questions, and requests for disability accommodations.

This webinar will review the relevant laws and definitions governing workplace discrimination and harassment, clarify the obligations of management and supervisors, review case studies, and discuss how these laws and obligations intersect in the context of a creative work environment.

Wendy Stryker is counsel to the Employment and Litigation Groups at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz P. She represents marketing services agencies, media companies, tech startups, and other sophisticated corporations and individual executives in New York State and Federal courts and before administrative agencies and self-regulatory organizations.

You must also be concerned with preventing harassment because you can sometimes be sued in state courts, depending on your state's anti-discrimination laws.

Therefore, take steps to prevent and deal with sexual and other types of harassment in your workplace because as an employer, you may be held liable for your own acts of harassment that affect employees in the workplace, as well as the acts of your managers, employees, and even harassment by customers, suppliers, and others who regularly do business with you.

Men do better than women and candidates with names that are often associated with people of color are less likely to be selected than those with names that are not.

In other words, Kesha will get fewer interviews than Karen, and Karen fewer than Kevin.

Allegations of sexual harassment are clearly increasing, and impacts of allegations are swift.


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