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It’s okay if you’re not sitting next to Sandy in the front seat of a 1949 Mercury convertible.Bring a blanket and your favorite squeeze and watch a classic with Slab Cinema. Show your date how cultured you are and buy two tickets to a show at the best theater in Central Texas.

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If the two of you had a long night, pack a basket full of your favorite hangover foods (barbacoa & Big Red) and a blanket, and set up shop on one of the park's grassy knolls. If you want to look like a damn genius, take your date to the Missions ballpark on a Thursday when beer, hot dogs, and soda can be purchased for $1 each.

Step One: Pour a tall glass of that delicious elixir called Big Red. Just don’t look at the new Ballapeño -- he’s weird. For $40 you and your date can stare an ostrich down and explore over 400 acres of rolling hills, creek beds, and protected animal populations from the comfort of your vehicle. The Menger is the oldest continuously operated saloon in San Antonio and an underrated date location.

Just don't fight about ball color, and you'll be fine.

Beer, fried pickle spears, and a movie in reclining leather seats? If you need a date that's a bit more interactive, check the place out during one of its special events -- like the infamous Beyoncé Sing Along.

Sisters Grimm offers a few different spooky tour options, like the Ghost Walk and a ghostly dinner package, but you'll want to go for the Ghost Bus: it's the only tour that's adults-only.

If you both make it unscathed through an encounter with the paranormal -- or at the very least, an encounter with paranormal buffs -- you're destined for marriage.

Sure, it’s a bit expensive, but if you go during happy hour, cocktails are only .

After happy hour, make sure to take glamour shots in the first floor lobby. Seuss character but you need to brace yourself, the real thing is more magical.

The guys at Ranger Creek distill award-winning whiskey and brew delicious beer on-site and are open for tastings every Saturday from 5-9pm. Best during popular festivals like Fiesta, B-cycle is a great way to navigate Downtown without a car.

Get some bikes and drag race each other down South Alamo Street.

San Antonians have impressed or embarrassed their dates here since 1929, so there's hope for us too -- right?

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