Updating to reason 4

The user can always choose where to draw the line between simplicity and precision, allowing the software to remain useful at various levels of knowledge on the user's part.

updating to reason 4-87

Both rack extensions are also available separately for Reason 6.5 and 7 and do not require the version 8 upgrade.

In 2016, the Softube amps are set to fully replace the depreciated Line 6 amplifier rack units that were originally introduced in Propellerhead's Record software and later versions of Reason.

Reason 9 also has improved workflow and sequencer features such as bounce Audio-to-MIDI, (which creates a MIDI pattern based on detecting the notes played in a prerecorded piece of music), MIDI-to-Audio, (which allows a quick rendering of an instrument's selected MIDI pattern directly to an audio track), the capability to reverse MIDI patterns, and for the first time the ability to set window themes.

It also ships with a new library of over 1000 sound patches.

On March 20, 2012, Propellerhead announced the planned release for Reason 6.5 in 2012 Q2 to coincide with the release of Rack Extensions (which allow the use of 3rd party designed instruments and effect modules inside of Reason).

Reason 6 and 6.5 include the features of Record and are now able to record external audio.However, Reason 6.5 introduces rack extensions, which are rack instruments and signal processors that may be developed by third parties.A stripped-down version of Reason known as Reason Adapted, which restricts the user to a limited number of devices, is packaged as bonus software with other audio software such as Pro Tools LE and Re Cycle. For the first time, Reason can directly sample audio It integrates all of the features found in Record 1.5 – such as the ability to record live sound, the mixing desk modeled on the SSL 9000k, and the Neptune pitch corrector – into its setup. As well as bringing all of Record's features into the Reason rack, Reason 6 is 64-bit and features three new effects units, as also audio transposing direct on the sequencer, and improved tuning and stretching algorithms: Reason 6 also requires a USB software protection dongle called the "Ignition Key" to prevent unauthorized use of the software.Without the dongle, Reason 6 will not open saved files, nor will it dump audio to a sound file, but is otherwise fully functional.If the key is lost, or chosen not to be used, a user must log onto Propellerhead's server for internet verification, requiring the host computer to have an internet connection.Users can easily audition sound files, loops and instruments patches in the browser then drag the files from the browser right to the rack window or the sequencer allowing improved and faster workflow.


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