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Applicability of chapter and amendments thereto to common interest communities. Applicability to nonresidential, mixed use and small common interest communities, limited expense liability planned communities and common interest communities with a conversion building.

Requirements for public offering statement when community is subject to development rights.

Requirements for public offering statement when ownership or occupancy is by time shares.

Applicability to amendments to governing instruments.

Applicability to out-of-state common interest communities.

Powers and duties of unit owners' association.

Unincorporated unit owners' association's statutory agent for service.

If a unit in a cooperative is owned by a unit owner or is sold, conveyed, voluntarily or involuntarily encumbered or otherwise transferred by a unit owner, the interest in that unit which is owned, sold, conveyed, encumbered or otherwise transferred is the right to possession of that unit under a proprietary lease, coupled with the allocated interests of that unit, and the association's interest in that unit is not thereby affected.

(35) “Unit” means a physical portion of the common interest community designated for separate ownership or occupancy, the boundaries of which are described pursuant to subdivision (5) of subsection (a) of section 47-224.

Assessments due to wilful misconduct, failure to comply with standards or gross negligence.

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