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but some more investigations are underway to ascertain facts. The arrival of the delegations of Najrān and Abyssinia is being misquoted by unscrupulous or ignorant people and a false notion is gaining credence.

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Tahir’s deplorable actions seek to erase the identity of Muslims. Thus it would be Abu Bakr al-Bayhaqi and Badruddīn al-Áynī.com/watch?

coexistence and cooperation with non-Muslims was never forbidden in worldly matters. who is viewed by a section of the Muslim public as an erudite scholar. such details are omitted and duly mentioned in the footnotes.

Tahir’s Version Contentions The Najran Delegation The Abyssinian Delegation The Victory of Makkah Some More Citations Conclusion Appendix A: Accuracy Checklist Appendix B: Contextual Accuracy Appendix C: Prof. Tahir’s Speech – Clip Two Appendix E: Transliteration Key Appendix F: Bibliography About the Author 1 4 6 24 29 31 39 46 51 57 59 61 63 65 It is because of the principle of takfir.

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Even though Tahir’s explanations are also related to the Christmas speech of 2006.


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