Where can i watch akeelah and the bee online dating

Akeelah Anderson is a precocious 11-year-old girl from south Los Angeles with a gift for words.Despite the objections of her mother Tanya, Akeelah enters various spelling contests, for which she is tutored by the forthright Dr. More Akeelah Anderson is a precocious 11-year-old girl from south Los Angeles with a gift for words. Akeelah's aptitude earns her an opportunity to compete for a spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee and in turn unites her neighbors who witness the courage and inspiration of one amazing little girl.31/07/2010 (TELEVISION) This is something different in topic but still uses a plot and story-structure that is very familiar, but otherwise it's still a worthy film to see.There's an interesting cultural emphasis, putting African-American children in a positive light (something you rarely see in Hollywood, sadly) and reinforcing the values of family and togetherness.

The principal(Curtis Armstrong) makes her a deal - enroll in the school's spelling bee or enjoy detention. Also as part of the deal, he promises the services of a tutor, Dr.

Larabee(Laurence Fishburne), who used to teach at UCLA.

..two reasons: one, it features a lovely, nuanced performance from a young actor, Keke "The Wool Cap" Palmer, who will most definitely be a performer to watch over the next several decades, and two, it reunites Lawrence "The Matrix" Fishburne and Angela "The Score" Bassett in roles decidedly different from those they played in "What's Love Got to Do With It?

" Beyond that, I'm sorry to say, "Akeelah and the Bee" is pretty much Movie-of-the-Week manipulative and as formulaic as a WWF match.

Definitely for fans of the noir genre and for those with hard stomachs for violence. You easily fall in love with her and it makes her rise among the spelling ranks worth watching.

Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett give stirring performances to compliment a strong cast. s Boy[/i], you cannot afford to take your time and sit on your ass.

It's young but talented cast are admirable, and will have you cheering them on all the way.

Akeelah and the Bee is predictable, but honest enough for you to not care.

In a couple of scenes, the mother and daughter argue.

A couple of women characters wear tight tops; the girl's coach has a drink one evening alone.

Clichés and stereotypes abound, and even the ending is straight out of the feel-good "everyone's a winner!

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