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De Shawn: Sorry about the lemon Ne Ne: Oh, De Shawn, don’t worry, because I know you wouldn’t know how to cut a lemon anyway.

De Shawn: Well actually, I would know how to cut it, it’s just — Ne Ne: You wouldn’t know where the knives were …

The guests are confused about the lack of fashions present at this fashion line launch party, but Sheree keeps her cool.

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Since she has no experience actually constructing dresses, Sheree also hires a local business to sew the designs based on the sketches.

Honestly, it’s unclear how Sheree actually contributed to the clothing line other than financing it. She recruits two hunky male models (her “eye candy”) for the line’s quickly approaching viewing party, for which publicist Tiffany has compiled an A-list roster of guests including Atlanta’s top athletes, socialites and politicians.

While Lisa is disappointed to learn that her husband Ed Hartwell, who has been training for a return to the NFL after an injury, has been picked up by west coast team, the Oakland Raiders, Kim takes her girlfriends, including Sheree and Cori, for an afternoon of boating to an island, where they almost get stranded, -style.

Meanwhile, Ne Ne holds the first annual Big Hat Brunch for her Twisted Hearts Foundation just before getting the results of her DNA test and Sheree debuts her first fashion line (without any fashions).

Yes she’s loud and outspoken and sometimes mean-spirited, but she also has a side that truly cares about others and wants to make a difference.

But of course, that obnoxious side had to make an appearance, too.

It was very, very difficult for me.” Ne Ne’s transparency made the fundraiser a success: she walked away with ,200, just short of her ,000 goal.

But there wasn’t much time to celebrate the victory.

The Empress’s New Clothes Self-proclaimed fashionista Sheree finally finds time to work on her clothing line.

The plan is to design “sexy, beautiful, classy, elegant clothes for the masses,” and she’s hired a sketch artist, a publicist, a marketing coordinator, and a teenaged assistant (who apparently replaced the incompetent Evette Holyfield from the season opener), to help her achieve this goal.

“What Bob did for me is he gave me a lot of motivation because he always tried to hold me down,” she says.


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