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And all publicity is good publicity — and to be teased by Jilly Cooper will lift my ­internet profile for years to come.

Cooper and I do not know each other, although some years ago I sat opposite her at a Private Eye lunch and admired her jokes and spectacular cleavage.

Jilly Cooper’s readership is counted in millions and she is able to project a delightfully warm, scatty, country bumpkin image, all while becoming an international bestseller.

Were I and my goat namesake perhaps nothing more than a canny ­writer’s latest publicity trick?

It is a surprisingly large tome (more than 700 pages) with a lurid cover featuring a woman sucking on a whip and the sub-title ‘Back In The Saddle’. I had expected merely one or two snide ­references to the goat. Clearly, though, my name had not burned deep enough into Jilly Cooper’s memory to prevent her spelling it wrong: the goat is called Chisolm throughout.

But I suppose I should be ­grateful that she is not an unpleasant animal, but an endearing beast who — rescued from a vile experimental laboratory — becomes the boon companion of the star of the book, a racing filly called Mrs Wilkinson (perhaps named for a helpful agent or publisher, if not a more kindly reviewer of Cooper’s fiction).I most ­definitely didn’t expect such a ­surprise to be sprung at this stage in my career. One morning this week, I was at my desk when the telephone started to ring.A large number of my friends and relations had spotted a small item in that day’s news: the writer Jilly Cooper had announced to her audience at the Cheltenham Literature ­Festival that she had named a character in her new novel after me. It was only when the nature of the character was made clear to me that my reaction took a turn for the worse.Visual Route gives detailed connectivity analysis, including application port testing, continuous testing, real-time and historical reports, connectivity testing from multiple test servers, and single-user remote access.For a good many years I have been living a literary life as a reviewer and biographer in happy obscurity.So it may surprise her to learn that I too have horsey connections.

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